Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sckoon Cup Review

Hello lovelies,
 Today I will be reviewing a new menstrual cup for you the Sckoon cup. If you don't know what a menstrual cup is or want to learn more about them click here. I can tell you right off the bat tons of research and thought went into making this cup. It has in my opinion the most unique shape and design. 

The Sckoon cup is made from 100% medical grade silicon and comes in 6 different FDA approved colors.

The Sckoon cup has some neat features to it. The cup is made of one solid construction so there are no seems along the cup. Instead of a thick or prominent rim the cups silicon gradually thickness towards the top to create its rim. This creates a smooth cup that doesn't cause any irritation. It features angled suction holes that go right to the top of the cup optimizing the cups capacity. The stem is the best one I have seen. With every other cup I have had to cut of the steams because they were hard and bothersome. The Sckoons stem is super slim and soft but still strong enough to use. It is completely flexible and has cause me no irritation without having to trim it at all. It also has very good grip and the bottom of the cup in a pretty flower design. Sckoon and made in the USA is written there as well. 

The sckoon cup comes in two sizes:
Size 1 Capacity 23ml Diameter 40mm Length 40mm Total length 70mm
Size 2 Capacity 30ml Diameter 45mm Length 50mm Total length 70mm

So what did I order? Well I am 26 years old and have two babies. I also have a moderate to heavy flow so I choose a size 2. I picked meditation which is a pretty deep blue. It comes with an adorable organic cotton bag to keep your cup in when it's not in use. You will want to use this bag or another breathable storage option to store your cup in so that the cup can breath. Putting a cup in a sealed container when the cup is not 100% completely dry can cause and harbor bacteria. The cup also comes with a thorough instruction pamphlet. 

This is a very soft cup and any folds you want to try will be very easy with this cup. For me the punch down worked great. It's my got to fold and works very well for me. I have used other soft cups and have had issues with getting them open but the sckoon cup opened pretty easy. I believe it's because of the nice rim on it. Once the cup was in I couldn't feel it at all. I'm talking about 100% comfort. No pressure no cramps it was awesome. The cup is so soft that it just molds to fit your body but the rim is firm enough to keep the cup in place and not cause leaks. The capacity of this cup compared to it it's size and length is very nice. I was able to wear it on my heavy days and only had to empty 3-4 times. Twice the cup was full to the brim but I still had no leaks thanks to the cups high and slanted air holes. Removal was a breeze. Cups with hard rims and that makes them nearly impossible to fold at all when trying to remove them and quite painful. The stem was easy to reach and thr grips made the cup very is to grab.

I highly recommend this cup to everyone but I think it would work exceptionally well for young girls or someone that might be a little intimidated by using a cup. 

The colors of the cups are just gorgeous! I love the new sunrise yellow and the light green. I think I just might have to get them in the future. If I do I will share so pictures with you :) now of course you only "need" one cup but with and the different colors and designs out there well I jut love trying them all. It's an addiction I know. My name is Chelsea and I'm a cupaddict hehe.

Here is a comparison between the large Sckoon and the large classic MeLuna.
As you can see the large MeLuna is a tad wider in the rim, a little bit longer and stiffer than the Sckoon.

Here is the Large Sckoon in comparison to the medium MeLuna.
 The Sckoon is just the tiniest bit wider in the rim, the length of the cup (not including the stem) is almost identical and the Sckoon again is softer. 
The sckoon cup is 39.99 and while that might seem pricey up front after a few months of not having to buy anymore disposable you will start to save money. Right now they are having a 3.00 off sale,  plus if you use my link HERE you can get 10% off. Shipping speed was just unbelievable I ordered my cup on a Thursday and received it on Saturday !! Sckoon is a great USA company with a great product and excellent service.

If you have any questions please leave them below an I will do my best to answer them. Have a great day ladies.  


  1. Thank you for your review! We shared this at our facebook @SckoonCup and Instagram @SckoonCup!

  2. This is a really good cup. I have 2 one size 1 for light days and size 2 for heavy. I wish I had known years ago about menstrual cups! It is so freeing! I love the sckoon cup! They need to make a pink one.