Friday, June 3, 2016

The DivaCup Review and Giveaway

Today's review is on the DivaCup. The DivaCup is a Canadian made cup. It is the only cup to have ISO 13485:2003 certification. What does this mean ? Well ISO 13485:2003 certification ensures your DivaCup is produced, tried and tested within International standards. ISO 13485 is a Quality Standard governed by the International Organization of Standardization in Geneva, Switzerland, and is recognized and practiced in over 160 countries around the world. ISO 13485 is the quality standard for medical devices and is required by Health Canada for all medical device manufacturers worldwide. It has been designed to ensure that companies follow strict guidelines for the highest quality of products, as well as meeting applicable government requirements. The DivaCup also complies with the FDA, Health Canada and Australian TGA health regulations.

The DivaCup is made of medical grade silicone material and grade approved for healthcare applications for over fifty years and that it does not contain any of the following: latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer and polyethylene and is free of colors and dyes. Silicone products have been shown to be bio-compatible (i.e. accepted by the human body without adverse reaction), durable, flexible, and easy to sterilize.

The Diva cup comes in two sizes:

Model 1 : For women who are under 30 or have never given birth.
Capacity - 20 ml to holes 30 ml to rim
Cup length without stem - 57 mm
Total Length - 70 mm
Rim Diameter - 41 mm

Model 2 : For women over 30 or who have given birth.
Capacity - 25 ml to holes 30 ml to rim
Cup Length without stem - 57 mm
Total Length - 70 mm
Rim Diameter - 45 mm

Please remember to keep in mind that the under/over 30 and given birth/ not given birth are only recommendations. I know virgin teenagers that prefer the larger size and women in their 40's who prefer the smaller size. Get to know your body and choose the best size to fit you.

The Diva cup has a frosted look to it.

It has The Diva cup stamped on the inner rim to one side and Made in Canada on the other. As well as the cup size.

On the inside base of the cup you have measurement lines. One side has milliliters and the other side has ounces.

There are nice grip ring around the base of the cup.

The stem is soft and hollow, it also has grips ring around it.

I am 26 and a mother of 2 and I prefer the larger size cups. I received a Model two DivaCup, a super cute cotton storage bag, a DivaCup pin and some very nice instructions.

I tested this cup out this cycle and I must say I love it! It has a very very well made and high quality feel to it. Not only does the cup have this frosted look to it but the outside of the cup also has a peach skin velvety feel to it. Insertion with this cup was a breeze. I used the punch down fold as always. Once the cup was inserted it opened up so easily! The cup is firm enough to open effortlessly get it has just the right amount of give to be flex able and oh so comfortable.

I wore this cup for 10 hrs on a moderate flow day and I completely forgot I was on my cycle. Not once during the day did I feel the cup move or shift. I could not feel the cup at all. I panicked when I finally remembered I was on my cycle and ran to the restroom sure that I must have leaked. To my surprise my cloth liner didn't have a spot on it. I removed the cup and it was full to the air holes but it had held it all.That such a great thing. That's one of the best things about using a cup is that you can actually forget your on your period. I was so pleased with this cup!

The DivaCup team is an amazing group of people. Their customer service and communication was great. The shipping speed was a little slow from Canada to the US, around 3 weeks but it did ship right in the middle of the US Thanksgiving day holiday.

The DivaCup is very reasonably priced at 39.99 from most retailers but it is on sale for 29.99 at right now ( 12-9-13) You can find their store finder HERE or you can buy online HERE.

Over all I could not be more pleased with this cup. It worked amazing and was so comfortable. I can say with ease that I recommend this cup to anyone wanting to try a menstrual cup.

Now on to the fun stuff. One lucky lady will win a DivaCup in their size choice. To enter simply fill out the form below. Winner will be chossen On January 1st 2014 !

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I received the DivaCup to test and review. My thought and opinions are all my own and I was in no way paid for this review or endorsement.

If you would like comparison shots of the Diva and any other cup I have please feel free to comment below and I will post them for you. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

JuJu Menstrual cup review

JuJu is an Australian made and owned company. The cups are made in a clean room environment. cups are made from one cohesive piece of medical grade silicone. So it is soft, comfortable and safe to use in the human body. The JuJu is free of colours & dyes, BPA free, and free of harmful chemicals like bleaches and absorbency agents. There are no know associations of TTS with menstrual cups. The JuJu is an Australian Registered Therapeutic Good. Think of it s their FDA and speaking f FDA, JuJu is working on getting their FDA approval and hope to be selling in the USA and Canada early next year.

Menstrual cups are a great alternative to disposable menstrual products. They are more convenient. No more late night runs to the store when you run out of tampons. They can be won 2-3 times longer than a tampon, won't dry you out, and are odour fee ( the smell most associated with a women's period comes from the blood mixing with the chemicals in disposables). They are also great for women who travel  just one cups is all you need. The JuJu can also be worn with doing any sports activity. They are also better for your body, they keep all kinds of chemicals out like bleach, dioxins, and fragrances.

The average women uses 10,000 disposables in her lifetime. That is billions and billions of products going into our landfills and waterways. With every cycle using a menstrual cup you are helping these numbers to drop.

The JuJu comes in two sizes:

Model 1 recommended for women under thirty or who have never given birth:
Capacity 20ml diameter 40mm length 46mm total length 65mm

Model 2 recommended for women over 30 or who have given birth:
Capacity 30ml diameter 46mm length 50mm Total length 69mm

The size recommendations are just that recommendations. I know of younger girls that have never given birth that prefer a large size for more capacity and also women over thirty that can only use the smaller sizes. No one knows your body like you some get to know yourself and choose the best size you think.

Photo comparisons of the Model 1 and the Model 2

Closer look at what I recieved from JuJu:
Model 1 and model 2 JuJu cup and Three satin storage bags.

One for the neatest touches to me is the box it comes in. It unfolds like a flower and has some great info inside it.
 It also tells you the meaning behind their name JuJu.

The JuJu is made of one solid piece of silicon so there are no seams.

It has the JuJu logo on one side

and the model size on the other.

It has four suction release holes that are very near the top of the cup for max capacity.

The grips at the base of the cup are little butterflies just like the one in the logo.

The stem has a y shape to it and is very soft, flexible and stretchy.

It comes with a very nice satin storage bag. You can choose between a pinky/purple with an inside contrast color of pink , a dark green with lime green inside or navy blue with silver inside.

The capacity was nice and I was able to use the cup even on my heaviest days for hours. The cup was very comfortable and the stem was great. It is so soft and flexible that I didn't have to trim it at all and still couldn't tell it was there much like a tampon string. Removal was fine, the stem was right there so I was able to pull on it gently and reach the base of the cup easily. The grip butterflies are pretty subtle and didn't provide much as a grips ring but the cup is soft so I had no issues with gripping it.

The JuJu is on the higher end of the price range at 58.44 but when you consider that this is the only product you will have to buy for ten years that's an amazing deal . Only 5.84 a year or .48 a month to own your JuJu cup !!! I am not sure on shipping cost yet as hey are not shipping to the US yet. You can also order extra storage bags for 5.18. Juju Shop.

The JuJu is a great cup with great features. Love that stem ;). Customer service is fast and friendly. They answered all my questions e-mailed to them within minuets. Over all I would say that this is a great cup. It works well and is very comfortable. No complaints on this cups. You can stay updated on all the latest news from JuJu including when they begin shipping to the US and Canada by liking their Facebook page.

I didn't post comparison photos this time but if there is any cups you want me to compare just ask and I will post them :)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Lady Cup Review

Today's review is on the Ladycup and I actually won this cup in a giveaway on YouTube. Amanda is an awesome lady from Ireland and she does review on cloth pads and menstrual cups on her YouTube Channel. She also has a facbook page Bloody Heaven. She does excellent reviews and her accent is just too cute. Check her out :)

So onto the cup:

The Ladycup is made in the EU under Swiss management. It is made in a clean room environment and meet all high quality regiments. The material used is Liquid Silicone Rubber from the German company. LadyCup® has been awarded the "Certificate of Compliance with USB Biological Tests, Classification VI" (Bioservice – Scientific Laboratories). It is a great alternative to tampons. It can be worn for up to 12 hours without needing emptied. You can use it while doing all of your favorite sports and activities. Since it is made from medial grade silicon it will not put any harmful chemicals in your body such as bleach and dioxins or cause you o dry out or otherwise disrupt the natural environment of you vagina. It can be reused fro up to 15 years and is therefore better for your wallet and the environment and helps to keep thousands of disposables from polluting our planet. To read more about menstrual product read here. 

The Ladycup comes in 13 different colors and 2 sizes.

Size small: Capacity 21ml  diameter 40mm length 46mm  stem length 19mm

Size Large: Capacity 34ml diameter 46mm length 53mm stem length 13mm

The Ladycup is made from one cohesive piece of silicone with no marking inside or outside of the cup to make maintenance and cleaning very easy. 

It as 6 angled air holes staggered around the top of the cup.

It has a hallow flexible stem with textured bumps around it.

The base also as textured bumps all around it to offer some grip while removing.

The cup worked well for me. No issues with use or removal although I did have to remove most of the stem. The grips at the bottom are not the most prominent grips I have seen bu they are not non existent either like some. The capacity was nice even with the lower holes because they are angled upwards.

There are a few different combo packs you can get. One for example includes The cup, the cotton storage bag, Milton's sterilizing tablets, intimate wet Ladywipes, Ladygel and a nice cosmetic bag. They also have just the basic as well that comes with the cup and bag. The basic set is 24.99 euros. Thee are also 26 different cotton storage bags that you can order.

Again I won this cup so I have had no dealing with the company as far as knowing how their  customer service is or things like shipping speeds. 

No comparison shots in this post but if you want them in this post or any other posts just let me know and I will get them up for you. :)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ruby Cup Review

Todays review is on the Ruby Cup and it has one of the best Mission goal! For every Ruby Cup that is purchased the Ruby Cup company donates a cup to a schoolgirl in need!

For every purchase in our shop, we distribute a Ruby Cup to a schoolgirl from  underprivileged backgrounds.  
With one Ruby Cup, she can go from primary school, through secondary school and finish college without having to worry about her period again. That is bloody amazing. Thank you for your support.

Check out this  link to read some of the amazing letters received from girls that have gotten their Ruby Cup.
Photo from the Ruby Cup website.

Taken from the Ruby Cup Website:
UNDP calls unsanitary menstrual hygiene protection an overlooked problem that hinders achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of universal education and gender equality. (Read more here)
Studies show that girls miss up to 20% of their school time each year because they are afraid of staining their clothes during their period and therefore stay at home. This absence causes some girls to drop out of school entirely. 
Lacking proper sanitary products, girls and women are forced to use degrading solutions which do not absorb well and frequently pose serious health implications in the form of infections and diseases.
Making disposable pads available to women in developing countries poses a  problem, as there is rarely appropriate infrastructure to handle this kind of waste—a type of waste that manifests additional health concerns.
There is a general lack of education and guidance regarding menstrual hygiene and the use of menstrual hygiene products. This matter is often taboo and can be looked upon as dirty.

It really is a shame that in the world we live in periods are still looked at as gross and shameful and something we need to hide and not talk about. That is so WRONG ! Our bodies are amazing the things that they do are amazing! We are females! We are beautiful creatures with amazing fertility! Our periods should be something to celebrate and be proud of. Ruby cup is helping to achieve that goal and break this " bloody taboo"  
If you want to learn more on the basics of a menstrual cup check out this post.
So onto the cup itself. Ruby cup comes in one size and this is to help accommodate women of all sizes, especially when sending them to underprivileged women around the world. The cup is 45mm wide,  51mm long and holds 34ml of fluid. So the cup is about the same as a large MeLuna, the large Sckoon and the large Bella cup. 
Large Classic MeLuna comparison:

Large Sckoon Cup comparison:

Large Bella comparison:
The Bella cup has a frosted look to it and this makes the cup very nice feeling, its hard to describe but it is smoother and not rubbery feeling like the silicone on other cups feel like. It is very luxurious and almost slightly textured feeling.
The Cup has measurement lines on the inside at the 5, 10 and 15ml mark.

As well as Ruby Cup stamped on the inside.

The Ruby cup has very nice grip rings on the base of the cup that are raised up but still as smooth as the rest of the cup.

The steam is a sturdy but flexible hollow stem with textured grip dots down the length of it.

My order came with some leaflets on the Ruby Cup, a thank you photo, an instruction sheet and my Ruby Cup in its 100% cotton bag.

The Ruby Cup worked very well for me. I am a mom of two and normally use the large sized cups so the size of the Ruby Cup was perfect for me. The cup is about medium in firmness to me. I would say its slightly softer than a classic MeLuna but slightly firmer than the Sckooncup. I used the punched down fold as it my go to fold and it inserted very easily and it popped open as soon as I released it. The stem is pretty sturdy and I did have to take it out and trim it. I always leave some steam though as I have a very high cervix and my cup tend to migrate upwards so I always need a little something to help me reach the cup. Once in the cup was very comfy and I couldn't feel it. The capacity of the cup is great and I was able to wear it on a moderate flow day for 9 hours. Removal was very simple I pinched the base and broke the suction/seal and removed the cup with no problems.

The Ruby Cup can be purchased from their website. You can get a single cup for 27.95 Euros or 37.00 US dollars. They also have sister packs so you can get one for you and one for your mom, sister, friend. The sister packs are 45.95 Euros or 60.00 US dollars so that's a saving of 14.00 US dollars. I received my cup within a week which is amazing for overseas shipping.

Overall the Ruby Cup is great. It works well and has and amazing mission behind it. If your looking for a great cup to try I recommend getting a Ruby cup. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Jade & Pearl Sea Pearls Sea Sponge Tampon

So what are Jade & Pearl sea sponge tampons you ask? Well they are simply that. A sea sponge that is inserted much like a tampon and used to catch your menstrual flow.

Sea sponges are sustainability harvested. There are two different sponge types and three sizes.

sponge type

Regular: Atlantic Sponges
Premium: Ultra Soft Mediterranean Silk Sponges


Teeny: for light days or young women new to menstruation
Regular: for normal to heavy days
Large: for very heavy days
3 Pack: teeny, regular, and large sponge. Different sizes for different days!

They also have sea sponges for prolapse.
So why use them? Unlike regular tampons sea sponge tampons contain no dioxins or synthetic fibers. They can be used during sex and even used with spermicide as a form of contraception.  Women throw away an estimated 17,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime that is over 20 billion bleached and chemical laden products going into our landfills, sewage systems and oceans in just North America alone! Sea Sponge tampons are reusable for 6 month or more depending on their care. So they are better for your body, your checkbook and the environment! 

How do I use them? When you first feel them you might think "oh no way am I putting these in, they are too hard". Well once you wet the sponge it quickly begins to fill up and makes it much much softer and porous.
You then ring all the excess water out. You fold the sponge in on itself until it is at your desired size for insertion. They squish up very small.
Then just push it inside until its pretty high like where a tampon would sit right in front of your cervix tampon and then go about your day. The sponges are very soft and textured much like the wall of your vagina. Once in you cant feel them at all. The absorbency compares to that of a tampon and will need to be taken out, rinsed and reinserted every few hours depending on your flow. Once the sea sponge tampon is full it will begin to naturally slide down some in your vagina. It wont fall out or anything crazy but this feeling of it "dropping" is a good sign that your sponge tampon needs to be rinsed out.  

Your order will come with instructions. 

To remove the tampon relax (tense muscles make it harder to get anything out), gently reach in and feel for the sponge, once you feel it simply pinch it and slowly remove. The sea sponge tampon can then be rinsed and reinserted. Alternatively, you can also attach a string onto the tampon if you like. Use waxed dental floss, thread it through the middle of your sponge and tie it in a loop. You can then reach in and grab the loop and gently pull on it for removal. Be careful not to pull to hard you don't want the string ripping through the center of you sponge.   
So what do I do if your out and about and need to change it? If you are in a private bathroom or stall that has a sink simply rinse and reuse like normal. If you are in a shared bathroom that has stalls without sinks in them that's ok too. Jade & Pearl Sea sponge tampons come in a two pack so you can wash your hands and wet your sea sponge before entering the stall then simply take the used one out and put the clean one in. You can then squeeze out some of the excess blood in the tampon into the toilet, place it in a small wetbag ( a waterproof bag specially made to hold things like used cloth pads and diapers), a Ziploc baggie or even a small waterproof makeup bag. I carry cloth wet wipes with me and wipe off my hand and toss the used wipe in the wet bag as well. Then I can finish in the restroom without blood on my hand, then wash them properly at the sink once put of the stall. 

At the end of your cycle you will want to clean them very well before storing them away for weeks. You have a few options. You can use tea tree oil, baking soda, peroxide or vinegar. Each product works well and cleans them thoroughly so the choice is up to you on what to use. I use baking soda and if they appear stained I do a soak in peroxide and that removes any discoloration. 

I think these are a great little product. They work just as well as a tampon, are extremely comfortable even more than a tampon because they are so soft and squishy, they save you money buy being reusable for months and months and they keep nasty things out of our planets landfills and waterways.  If you are looking for a great alternative to tampons defiantly give Jade & Pearls Sea Pearl Sea Sponge tampons a try. They are super well priced at only 14.00 for the regulars and 16.00 for the premiums. While your there check out the other great products Jade and Pearl offer like their herbal tinctures natural bug replants and herbal teas . 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Femmecup Review

Today I will be reviewing the Femmecup menstrual cup. If you want to learn more about menstrual cups click here. Femmecup is a menstrual cup made from 100% medical grade silicone. It is the same silicone used in the medical industry for internal valves and tubing and in things like baby bottle nipples. It can not leak or release anything into your body. You wear it internally like a tampon except it collects your flow rather than absorbing it. So a menstrual cup will not dry you out, it won't leave any fibers behind and will not upset the natural balance of your vagina. 

The Femmecup comes in one size. Its rim is 45mm wide and is 50mm long. It can hold up to 30ml of fluid, approximately on third of your entire monthly flow or three times more than a tampon. The stem is 15mm long and can be trimmed to any length. The size of this cup is comparable to a large Sckooncup which is 45mm wide 50mm long and holds 30ml or a large MeLuna which is 44mm wide 51mm long and holds 34ml. The Femmecup can be worn up to 12 hours without emptying it and has no link to toxic shock syndrome.

Here are some comparison shots between the large Sckoon cup and even though they both claim to have a 45mm rim you can see that the Sckoon is slightly larger. I would say the rims are close to the same firmness but the Femmecup's rim feels slightly thicker. The Femmecup itself below the rim is much softer.
And here it is in comparison to the large MeLuna. The MeLuna large claims to be 44mm but again the Femmecup is just slightly smaller. The classic MeLuna is firmer than the Femmecup and just a little longer.

The Femmecup has a nice bell shape to it. The cup itself is extremely soft, softer than any cup I have ever felt. It has a thick firmer rim which helps the cup to pop open inside of you. The stem is pretty flexible and has a spiral grip going from the bottom of the stem up to the base of the cup. This spiral grip helps to aid in the removal of the cup.

My package was very nice. It came with my Femmecup and a cute cotton storage bag, a very nice and detailed multi-lingual instruction sheet with picture diagrams on how to use the cup, some cute "Forget tampons! Femmecup is the future of sanitary protection." stickers to put in public bathrooms to advertise the Femmecup and RuMP's in general and a cute I <3 window cling for your car or anywhere else you want to use it.

My package came while my cycle was here so I got to use it right away. I was having a moderate flow day and had been using my Sckoon cup up until the mail ran. I cleaned it and used it immediately. I went with my got to fold which is the punch down method.

To see some other fold options using the Femmecup see here. I inserted the cup and "pop!" as soon as I released the fold on the cup it opened. No twisting or pushing no fooling with it at all. It was amazing!!! It normally takes a little to get a cup to fully open for me but it took nothing for the Femmecup to open. For me that's just wonderful! I'm a busy mom and the easier an quicker something works the better. Once in place I could feel the stem just a little so I took it out an trimmed it just a tad. After that it was just right. The cup is so soft and molded to by body perfectly. I couldn't feel the rim at all and it caused me no pressure or discomfort. I was able to wear the cup with no leaks for 7 hours before I had to empty it. Removal was fairly easy. Normally to remove any cup I reach in and feel for the stem, I pull on it very gently just until I can reach the base of the cup. I then squeeze on the base of the cup to release the suction/seal on the cup and slide it out. Well since the Femmecup has a thicker rim squeezing on the base of the cup didn't break the suction. That's ok, I just needed to find a way to remove this kind of cup. I pushed down a little ( like when your having a bowel movement ) to move the cup down a little farther. Once there I was able to slide my finger up to the rim of the cup and press there to break the seal after that the cup slid right out. The cup was full to the suction holes but hadn't leaked. Here is a photo showing the cycle of the Femmecup

The Femmecup is 17.99 pounds or 27.90 USD. They also sell twin packs, Femme wash and other sets. My cup took about two weeks to arrive which is the average time for most things from the UK to the US. They have a great website that has a good FAQs page with a lot of great information. The Femmecup is an excellent company. They have amazing communication and customer service. 

There is a term used among RuMP users "Goldilocks cup" and it referrers to a users perfect menstrual cup. Well out of all the menstrual cups I have and have tried the Femmecup is my Goldilocks cup. Everything about it worked perfect for my body and needs. I just love it! I recommend this cup to anyone in search of a great menstrual cup! 

If you have any questions or thoughts please share them below. Have a great evening ladies. <3

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sckoon Cup Review

Hello lovelies,
 Today I will be reviewing a new menstrual cup for you the Sckoon cup. If you don't know what a menstrual cup is or want to learn more about them click here. I can tell you right off the bat tons of research and thought went into making this cup. It has in my opinion the most unique shape and design. 

The Sckoon cup is made from 100% medical grade silicon and comes in 6 different FDA approved colors.

The Sckoon cup has some neat features to it. The cup is made of one solid construction so there are no seems along the cup. Instead of a thick or prominent rim the cups silicon gradually thickness towards the top to create its rim. This creates a smooth cup that doesn't cause any irritation. It features angled suction holes that go right to the top of the cup optimizing the cups capacity. The stem is the best one I have seen. With every other cup I have had to cut of the steams because they were hard and bothersome. The Sckoons stem is super slim and soft but still strong enough to use. It is completely flexible and has cause me no irritation without having to trim it at all. It also has very good grip and the bottom of the cup in a pretty flower design. Sckoon and made in the USA is written there as well. 

The sckoon cup comes in two sizes:
Size 1 Capacity 23ml Diameter 40mm Length 40mm Total length 70mm
Size 2 Capacity 30ml Diameter 45mm Length 50mm Total length 70mm

So what did I order? Well I am 26 years old and have two babies. I also have a moderate to heavy flow so I choose a size 2. I picked meditation which is a pretty deep blue. It comes with an adorable organic cotton bag to keep your cup in when it's not in use. You will want to use this bag or another breathable storage option to store your cup in so that the cup can breath. Putting a cup in a sealed container when the cup is not 100% completely dry can cause and harbor bacteria. The cup also comes with a thorough instruction pamphlet. 

This is a very soft cup and any folds you want to try will be very easy with this cup. For me the punch down worked great. It's my got to fold and works very well for me. I have used other soft cups and have had issues with getting them open but the sckoon cup opened pretty easy. I believe it's because of the nice rim on it. Once the cup was in I couldn't feel it at all. I'm talking about 100% comfort. No pressure no cramps it was awesome. The cup is so soft that it just molds to fit your body but the rim is firm enough to keep the cup in place and not cause leaks. The capacity of this cup compared to it it's size and length is very nice. I was able to wear it on my heavy days and only had to empty 3-4 times. Twice the cup was full to the brim but I still had no leaks thanks to the cups high and slanted air holes. Removal was a breeze. Cups with hard rims and that makes them nearly impossible to fold at all when trying to remove them and quite painful. The stem was easy to reach and thr grips made the cup very is to grab.

I highly recommend this cup to everyone but I think it would work exceptionally well for young girls or someone that might be a little intimidated by using a cup. 

The colors of the cups are just gorgeous! I love the new sunrise yellow and the light green. I think I just might have to get them in the future. If I do I will share so pictures with you :) now of course you only "need" one cup but with and the different colors and designs out there well I jut love trying them all. It's an addiction I know. My name is Chelsea and I'm a cupaddict hehe.

Here is a comparison between the large Sckoon and the large classic MeLuna.
As you can see the large MeLuna is a tad wider in the rim, a little bit longer and stiffer than the Sckoon.

Here is the Large Sckoon in comparison to the medium MeLuna.
 The Sckoon is just the tiniest bit wider in the rim, the length of the cup (not including the stem) is almost identical and the Sckoon again is softer. 
The sckoon cup is 39.99 and while that might seem pricey up front after a few months of not having to buy anymore disposable you will start to save money. Right now they are having a 3.00 off sale,  plus if you use my link HERE you can get 10% off. Shipping speed was just unbelievable I ordered my cup on a Thursday and received it on Saturday !! Sckoon is a great USA company with a great product and excellent service.

If you have any questions please leave them below an I will do my best to answer them. Have a great day ladies.