Saturday, March 12, 2016

Femmecup Review

Today I will be reviewing the Femmecup menstrual cup. If you want to learn more about menstrual cups click here. Femmecup is a menstrual cup made from 100% medical grade silicone. It is the same silicone used in the medical industry for internal valves and tubing and in things like baby bottle nipples. It can not leak or release anything into your body. You wear it internally like a tampon except it collects your flow rather than absorbing it. So a menstrual cup will not dry you out, it won't leave any fibers behind and will not upset the natural balance of your vagina. 

The Femmecup comes in one size. Its rim is 45mm wide and is 50mm long. It can hold up to 30ml of fluid, approximately on third of your entire monthly flow or three times more than a tampon. The stem is 15mm long and can be trimmed to any length. The size of this cup is comparable to a large Sckooncup which is 45mm wide 50mm long and holds 30ml or a large MeLuna which is 44mm wide 51mm long and holds 34ml. The Femmecup can be worn up to 12 hours without emptying it and has no link to toxic shock syndrome.

Here are some comparison shots between the large Sckoon cup and even though they both claim to have a 45mm rim you can see that the Sckoon is slightly larger. I would say the rims are close to the same firmness but the Femmecup's rim feels slightly thicker. The Femmecup itself below the rim is much softer.
And here it is in comparison to the large MeLuna. The MeLuna large claims to be 44mm but again the Femmecup is just slightly smaller. The classic MeLuna is firmer than the Femmecup and just a little longer.

The Femmecup has a nice bell shape to it. The cup itself is extremely soft, softer than any cup I have ever felt. It has a thick firmer rim which helps the cup to pop open inside of you. The stem is pretty flexible and has a spiral grip going from the bottom of the stem up to the base of the cup. This spiral grip helps to aid in the removal of the cup.

My package was very nice. It came with my Femmecup and a cute cotton storage bag, a very nice and detailed multi-lingual instruction sheet with picture diagrams on how to use the cup, some cute "Forget tampons! Femmecup is the future of sanitary protection." stickers to put in public bathrooms to advertise the Femmecup and RuMP's in general and a cute I <3 window cling for your car or anywhere else you want to use it.

My package came while my cycle was here so I got to use it right away. I was having a moderate flow day and had been using my Sckoon cup up until the mail ran. I cleaned it and used it immediately. I went with my got to fold which is the punch down method.

To see some other fold options using the Femmecup see here. I inserted the cup and "pop!" as soon as I released the fold on the cup it opened. No twisting or pushing no fooling with it at all. It was amazing!!! It normally takes a little to get a cup to fully open for me but it took nothing for the Femmecup to open. For me that's just wonderful! I'm a busy mom and the easier an quicker something works the better. Once in place I could feel the stem just a little so I took it out an trimmed it just a tad. After that it was just right. The cup is so soft and molded to by body perfectly. I couldn't feel the rim at all and it caused me no pressure or discomfort. I was able to wear the cup with no leaks for 7 hours before I had to empty it. Removal was fairly easy. Normally to remove any cup I reach in and feel for the stem, I pull on it very gently just until I can reach the base of the cup. I then squeeze on the base of the cup to release the suction/seal on the cup and slide it out. Well since the Femmecup has a thicker rim squeezing on the base of the cup didn't break the suction. That's ok, I just needed to find a way to remove this kind of cup. I pushed down a little ( like when your having a bowel movement ) to move the cup down a little farther. Once there I was able to slide my finger up to the rim of the cup and press there to break the seal after that the cup slid right out. The cup was full to the suction holes but hadn't leaked. Here is a photo showing the cycle of the Femmecup

The Femmecup is 17.99 pounds or 27.90 USD. They also sell twin packs, Femme wash and other sets. My cup took about two weeks to arrive which is the average time for most things from the UK to the US. They have a great website that has a good FAQs page with a lot of great information. The Femmecup is an excellent company. They have amazing communication and customer service. 

There is a term used among RuMP users "Goldilocks cup" and it referrers to a users perfect menstrual cup. Well out of all the menstrual cups I have and have tried the Femmecup is my Goldilocks cup. Everything about it worked perfect for my body and needs. I just love it! I recommend this cup to anyone in search of a great menstrual cup! 

If you have any questions or thoughts please share them below. Have a great evening ladies. <3

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