Friday, April 8, 2016

Jade & Pearl Sea Pearls Sea Sponge Tampon

So what are Jade & Pearl sea sponge tampons you ask? Well they are simply that. A sea sponge that is inserted much like a tampon and used to catch your menstrual flow.

Sea sponges are sustainability harvested. There are two different sponge types and three sizes.

sponge type

Regular: Atlantic Sponges
Premium: Ultra Soft Mediterranean Silk Sponges


Teeny: for light days or young women new to menstruation
Regular: for normal to heavy days
Large: for very heavy days
3 Pack: teeny, regular, and large sponge. Different sizes for different days!

They also have sea sponges for prolapse.
So why use them? Unlike regular tampons sea sponge tampons contain no dioxins or synthetic fibers. They can be used during sex and even used with spermicide as a form of contraception.  Women throw away an estimated 17,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime that is over 20 billion bleached and chemical laden products going into our landfills, sewage systems and oceans in just North America alone! Sea Sponge tampons are reusable for 6 month or more depending on their care. So they are better for your body, your checkbook and the environment! 

How do I use them? When you first feel them you might think "oh no way am I putting these in, they are too hard". Well once you wet the sponge it quickly begins to fill up and makes it much much softer and porous.
You then ring all the excess water out. You fold the sponge in on itself until it is at your desired size for insertion. They squish up very small.
Then just push it inside until its pretty high like where a tampon would sit right in front of your cervix tampon and then go about your day. The sponges are very soft and textured much like the wall of your vagina. Once in you cant feel them at all. The absorbency compares to that of a tampon and will need to be taken out, rinsed and reinserted every few hours depending on your flow. Once the sea sponge tampon is full it will begin to naturally slide down some in your vagina. It wont fall out or anything crazy but this feeling of it "dropping" is a good sign that your sponge tampon needs to be rinsed out.  

Your order will come with instructions. 

To remove the tampon relax (tense muscles make it harder to get anything out), gently reach in and feel for the sponge, once you feel it simply pinch it and slowly remove. The sea sponge tampon can then be rinsed and reinserted. Alternatively, you can also attach a string onto the tampon if you like. Use waxed dental floss, thread it through the middle of your sponge and tie it in a loop. You can then reach in and grab the loop and gently pull on it for removal. Be careful not to pull to hard you don't want the string ripping through the center of you sponge.   
So what do I do if your out and about and need to change it? If you are in a private bathroom or stall that has a sink simply rinse and reuse like normal. If you are in a shared bathroom that has stalls without sinks in them that's ok too. Jade & Pearl Sea sponge tampons come in a two pack so you can wash your hands and wet your sea sponge before entering the stall then simply take the used one out and put the clean one in. You can then squeeze out some of the excess blood in the tampon into the toilet, place it in a small wetbag ( a waterproof bag specially made to hold things like used cloth pads and diapers), a Ziploc baggie or even a small waterproof makeup bag. I carry cloth wet wipes with me and wipe off my hand and toss the used wipe in the wet bag as well. Then I can finish in the restroom without blood on my hand, then wash them properly at the sink once put of the stall. 

At the end of your cycle you will want to clean them very well before storing them away for weeks. You have a few options. You can use tea tree oil, baking soda, peroxide or vinegar. Each product works well and cleans them thoroughly so the choice is up to you on what to use. I use baking soda and if they appear stained I do a soak in peroxide and that removes any discoloration. 

I think these are a great little product. They work just as well as a tampon, are extremely comfortable even more than a tampon because they are so soft and squishy, they save you money buy being reusable for months and months and they keep nasty things out of our planets landfills and waterways.  If you are looking for a great alternative to tampons defiantly give Jade & Pearls Sea Pearl Sea Sponge tampons a try. They are super well priced at only 14.00 for the regulars and 16.00 for the premiums. While your there check out the other great products Jade and Pearl offer like their herbal tinctures natural bug replants and herbal teas . 


  1. I want to try these. I think it may be easier for me to use then my cup. I'm still troubleshooting it. I want something for the summer since i swim so much and go to beaches. Thanks for the review

    1. Eco Hippie MommaApril 9, 2014 at 8:06 AM

      That's what I love so much about these. There is no learning curve involved like with menstrual cups. You don't have to worry about issues like, is it open , will this cup fit with my high or low cervix .... They are perfect for someone that wants internal protection but can't get cups to work for them. I love cups but these are just so comfortable that I still use these on days that I am extra crampy or just don't want to fool with a cup . Perfect for swimming and the beach.

  2. I wonder if I can buy these product in my country