Friday, May 13, 2016

Lady Cup Review

Today's review is on the Ladycup and I actually won this cup in a giveaway on YouTube. Amanda is an awesome lady from Ireland and she does review on cloth pads and menstrual cups on her YouTube Channel. She also has a facbook page Bloody Heaven. She does excellent reviews and her accent is just too cute. Check her out :)

So onto the cup:

The Ladycup is made in the EU under Swiss management. It is made in a clean room environment and meet all high quality regiments. The material used is Liquid Silicone Rubber from the German company. LadyCup® has been awarded the "Certificate of Compliance with USB Biological Tests, Classification VI" (Bioservice – Scientific Laboratories). It is a great alternative to tampons. It can be worn for up to 12 hours without needing emptied. You can use it while doing all of your favorite sports and activities. Since it is made from medial grade silicon it will not put any harmful chemicals in your body such as bleach and dioxins or cause you o dry out or otherwise disrupt the natural environment of you vagina. It can be reused fro up to 15 years and is therefore better for your wallet and the environment and helps to keep thousands of disposables from polluting our planet. To read more about menstrual product read here. 

The Ladycup comes in 13 different colors and 2 sizes.

Size small: Capacity 21ml  diameter 40mm length 46mm  stem length 19mm

Size Large: Capacity 34ml diameter 46mm length 53mm stem length 13mm

The Ladycup is made from one cohesive piece of silicone with no marking inside or outside of the cup to make maintenance and cleaning very easy. 

It as 6 angled air holes staggered around the top of the cup.

It has a hallow flexible stem with textured bumps around it.

The base also as textured bumps all around it to offer some grip while removing.

The cup worked well for me. No issues with use or removal although I did have to remove most of the stem. The grips at the bottom are not the most prominent grips I have seen bu they are not non existent either like some. The capacity was nice even with the lower holes because they are angled upwards.

There are a few different combo packs you can get. One for example includes The cup, the cotton storage bag, Milton's sterilizing tablets, intimate wet Ladywipes, Ladygel and a nice cosmetic bag. They also have just the basic as well that comes with the cup and bag. The basic set is 24.99 euros. Thee are also 26 different cotton storage bags that you can order.

Again I won this cup so I have had no dealing with the company as far as knowing how their  customer service is or things like shipping speeds. 

No comparison shots in this post but if you want them in this post or any other posts just let me know and I will get them up for you. :)

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